What does Dewey Does do?

Created in 1999, the Dewey Does Brand launched as a community-give-back initiative to inspire kids to get up, go outside and play. Dewey Does' popularity soon grew into a children's book series, 'Heroes Start as Kids'. Author and creator, Thomas M. Kinslow built the world of Dewey Does through the power of storytelling. His passion to read, write and inspire turned a question from thousands of fans, 'What does Dewey Does do?', into a brand for kids. The NEW Dewey Does Plus Novelty Tee Shirt collection will continue to inspire kids to be active. Find your favorite inspirational quotes printed with the Dewey Does All Sport logo; a proud symbol of youth sports, health and fitness. Get your Dewey Does Novelty Tee today for a chance to win prizes, future discounts and receive new novelty tee announcements.

Rules & Regs: Dewey Does Plus Limited Edition Novelty Tee Game

1. Limited Edition: max number of each novelty tee for each style - 1100

2. Clock is Ticking, it's the bottom of the ninth: each novelty tee is available for only 60 days from listing date. Once removed, never to return

3. Overtime, extra innings to get your limited edition tee: a Novelty Tee receives an additional 30 days availability with highest number of views, comments & photos

4. Best Tee Photos of the Month: winner receives Promo Code Discount on next purchase. Winners ar placed on the Dewey Does Wall of Fame

5. Participants: kids of all ages - adults are welcomed


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Follow Dewey Does' lead! Established in 2006, The Dewey Does [cares] Foundation, has helped thousands of kids stay healthy & fit and would love to continue to help all kids. With every purchase from the Dewey Does + Novelty Tee shop, 10% of each sale is donated to help Fight Childhood Obesity and promote Youth Literacy nationwide. Follow Dewey Does' lead to help save lives. Kids deserve our 110% effort.


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Read110 - Play110 - #Dew110

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